CHM 110: Handout for our first lab experiment.

We start labs in CHM 110 this week (1/23-1/27) with an experiment on the use of lab instruments, accuracy, and precision.  Here is the handout you will be following in the lab:

[CHM 110: Introductory Lab Experiment – Spring 2017]

Read over the handout before you come to lab.  You do not need to print it out, as I will have copies available for you when you get to lab.

CHM 111 01: Board notes for 01/17/2017

Here are today’s CHM 111 notes for section 1 (TTH 9:30 AM lecture).  These notes contain more on VSEPR (derivatives of the tetrahedron and geometries of molecules that violate the octet rule) and an introduction to polarity.

[CHM 111 01: 01/17/2017]

Any questions?  Any trouble accessing the notes? Ask questions or report problems using the “Leave a reply”  link.