Summer CHM 110 and 111 students: Grades posted!

I have posted final grades for CHM 110 (Summer 10 week) and CHM 111 (Summer 5 week).  You may get your grades from these places:

  1. [Desire2Learn].  You can see individual test grades and your numeric average on Desire2Learn (D2L), as well as your latter grade.  Grades are available on D2L now. If you would like a copy of all of your lecture grades from the course as well as your numeric average, print from D2L now.  You will only have access to this semester’s grades on D2L for one more week – whether or not you are attending classes next term.
  2. [WebAdvisor].  Webadvisor is your link to official FDTC data.  The grade on Webadvisor is your official grade, and will be the one recorded on your transcript.  WebAdvisor will only show your final letter grade, not your individual assignment grades or numeric average.  Grades will be available on WebAdvisor on Monday afternoon.

Please don’t call to ask about your grades, because I’m not allowed to discuss grades over the telephone!  You may e-mail me via Desire2Learn (or using your official FDTC e-mail address) to ask about your grades.


Most of your regular tests this semester had more than 100 points on them.  These points were “extra credit”, as was the fact that your final exam could replace your lowest test score.  In lab, your lowest report grade was also dropped.  In other words, your reported grade in D2L already includes all the “extra credit” you will receive in this course.  Any requests for additional “extra credit” will be ignored.

A request for your grade to be changed to a higher grade than the one you earned may be considered an act of academic dishonesty and may be forwarded to college authorities for disciplinary action.


If you’re a CHM 110 student who is planning on taking CHM 111 the next time it’s offered, don’t sell your textbook or lab manual!  We will be using the same materials for CHM 111 as we did for CHM 110.


CHM 110: In the fall, we offer several sections of CHM 110 during our daytime 15 week session.

CHM 111:  We offer a single section of CHM 111 in the daytime 15 week session in the fall.

Now, it’s time to …

[North Myrtle Beach]

… enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

CHM 110 03 (10 week): Board notes for 07/25/2017

Here are today’s CHM 110 notes for section 3 (10-week session).  These notes discuss resonance, polyatomic ions, and expanded valence.

[CHM 110 03: 07/25/2017 notes]

This is the last set of notes for the 10-week Summer 2017 chemistry class.

Any questions?  Any trouble accessing the notes? Ask questions or report problems using the comments link.