Out sick again today (01/10/18)

Since I am still running a high fever and have other flu-like symptoms, I will be unable to attend class on Wednesday 01/10/18.  If you are in either my CHM 110 section 1 or section 2 class, please check your FDTC student e-mail account for an important message.

If you have any questions, you may send me an e-mail at charles.taylor@fdtc.edu or leave a comment here.

Weather Delay for FDTC, Monday 1/8/18

From the official FDTC web page:

Alert: All 8 AM and 9:30 AM classes are cancelled Monday, January 8, 2018 for all Florence-Darlington Technical College campuses. Students report to all other classes at the normal scheduled time. Faculty and staff should report at 10 AM.

This affects one of the Monday morning CHM classes: CHM 110 section 1. Section 1 has two lecture meetings per week like most of the CHM 110 courses, but for this section both lecture meetings are on Monday – one at 9:30 AM and one at 11:00 AM. For Monday 1/8/18, the 9:30 AM lecture is cancelled, but the 11:00 AM lecture will meet as scheduled. If you’re in CHM 110 section 1, plan to be in class at 11:00 AM.

Other sections of CHM 110 that have Monday meetings (section 2 lecture in the afternoon, and section 3 lab at 11:00 AM) will meet as scheduled.

Welcome, CHM 110 and CHM 111 students!

Welcome to Mr. Taylor’s chemistry web site at Florence-Darlington Technical College! This site was created to help students in CHM 110 and CHM 111 with their chemistry courses.

What can you find here? Announcements will show up as “posts” on the part of the page that you’re reading right now. On most of these posts, you will be able to give feedback or ask questions by leaving a comment (using the “Leave a reply” link at the top of each post or the comment box if it’s already visible). You may try it by leaving a comment on this post, if you like. You need to enter your e-mail address to leave a comment, but this e-mail address will not be published on the web for others to see. In other words, you won’t get any spam from leaving comments on this site!

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see links to course documents, study guides, class notes, handouts, etc.

[ ———————————-> ]

Look over there!

You can also use the menu bar at the top to access the same information, if you find a menu bar more convenient.

The links are organized by class, so make sure you click the right places! Feel free to look at the material for other courses if you like, but remember that you’ll be tested on your own course’s stuff!  You can also access notes from previous semesters by looking at the category called [The Old Stuff].  Feel free to browse the whole site.

You can get a copy of the periodic table that will be provided with all CHM 110 and CHM 111 tests by [clicking this link]. Or, use the periodic table link to the right.

Getting the notes for each day’s class

Course notes from the screen will be posted afternoons or evenings after each lecture class.  You can get the notes from the main site page or from [here, if you’re in CHM 110] or [here if you’re in CHM 111].  Most newer browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge (which comes with Windows 10) can view the notes without additional software.  If you have trouble viewing the notes, try downloading [Adobe Reader], since the course notes and other documents are [PDF files].  You do not need Microsoft Office to access the notes!

Getting your grades

If you’d like to know your current class average and the grades for your assignments, you will need to log in to Desire2Learn and look at the “Grades” section.   You may access Desire2Learn by [clicking this link].

Supplemental material

CHM 110 and CHM 111 students can access supplemental course notes using the links on the right.  You may find these notes helpful as a supplement to your course textbook. CHM 111 students can also use the CHM 110 supplemental notes to review concepts from the previous course.

Sample set of notes

Here is a test page that you should view to see if you can properly download/view/print notes.  Click the link below to see the test page: [CHM 110/111: Test Page]

You should see both typed and handwritten text on the test page, as well as a hand-drawn chart and a picture of our lab.  The test page should look like the image below (but sharper and easier to read) when you view it on your screen:


CHM 110 and CHM 111: Grades Posted

I have posted final grades for CHM 110 and CHM 111.  You may get your grades from these places:

  1. [Desire2Learn].  You can see individual test grades and your numeric average on Desire2Learn (D2L), as well as your letter grade.  Grades are available on D2L now. If you would like a copy of all of your grades from the course as well as your numeric average, print them from D2L now.  You will only have access to this semester’s grades on D2L for a week or two – whether or not you are attending classes in the spring.
  2. [WebAdvisor].  Webadvisor is your link to official FDTC data.  The grade on Webadvisor is your official grade, and will be the one recorded on your transcript.  WebAdvisor will only show your final letter grade, not your individual assignment grades or numeric average.  Grades will be available on WebAdvisor on Monday morning.


If you’re a CHM 110 student who is planning on taking CHM 111 in the spring, don’t sell your textbook or lab manual!  We will be using the same materials for CHM 111 as we did for CHM 110.

All that said …

Enjoy your winter break!